Chinlink Sponsored the “Seminar of New Investment Opportunities in Northwestern China” Offered Rewarding Experience to Enthusiastic Participants
1 Nov 2014
The “Seminar of New Investment Opportunities in Northwestern China" organized by Economic Digest and sponsored by Chinlink International Holdings Limited, was successfully held in The Mira Hong Kong on 1 November 2014. Several experts analysed the development status of the Northwestern China and investment strategies under national policies; market trends were also introduced to investors to capture the latest investment opportunities.

The seminar started with an analysis by Mr. David Yuen, Senior Research Analyst of Emperor Securities Limited, on the latest development and market trend of investment in Northwestern China under the topic of “Development and Investment Opportunities in Northwestern China".

The second part of the seminar was presented by Mr. Siu Wai Yip, Executive Director of Chinlink, and Mr. Kenny Tang, General Manager of Securities and Asset Management Business of AMTD Financial Planning Limited, with a detailed discussion on the “Development and Investment Prospects of Finance and Logistics Businesses in Xi'an City". Mr. Siu introduced the innovative business model of supply chain financial logistics of Chinlink and its focus on Shaanxi Province, particularly in the area of Xi'an City.

At last, Mr. Tang concluded the seminar with an analysis of “Investment Strategies of Hong Kong Stock under National Policy". Mr. Tang believed that reforms and economic stimulus are taking place simultaneously in China, even though the central government would not launch any large-scale measure to further stimulate the economy, industry sectors with slower development are expected to have more desirable growth than the overall economy under the support of relevant policies. Furthermore, the launch of “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect" will open a new chapter of mutual market access, which is favourable for institutional investors to enter the A-share markets, reflecting the true value of A-shares.

The seminar received overwhelming response and with full house audiences. Mr. Jeslie Chui, the host of the seminar, was very generous and sponsored several of his books, smartphones, and tablets as prizes for the Q&A session which has heightened the atmosphere of the seminar. It is believed that many of the participants have already mastered the latest information of the investment market, and would be able to formulate investment arrangements and strategies more effectively to seize opportunities of wealth creation.